SCUK Memorial Ride 4 October - Updated 2/10/20

If Covid-19 restrictions allow we will be holding a ride in memory of members Peter Agent, Robin Moorby, Pat Basson and Colin Gowland who died this year and other members who sadly are no longer of this world, namely Matthew Melly, David Carrick, Jeff Fallon, Carol Dube, Len & Margaret Harvey, Jim Basson, Steve Hutchinson and Mick Cox.

Please let Steve know if you hope to attend the rideout and if you will be solo or two up; email or  text 07 968 448 891. 
Some of us oldies knew all those named above but SCUK members who didn't know them are very welcome to join this event to show their friendship and support.
Members may wish to wear a black arm band or have the bikers’ traditional black ribbon pinned across their back patch.
We will have a 33 mile ride through the Surrey countryside starting at the Brewery Inn which will be open for breakfast from 10.00. Please observe the Inn's C-19 instructions.
You must wear a mask inside (except when eating or drinking) and to use the ‘comfort facilities’ at the pub before leaving (recommended as there will probably be none available at our destination). 
Please arrive at the Brewery Inn by 12.45 at the latest so you can form up into "Your Group of max 6 for the Day" for social distancing purposes, (See Covid-19 Restriction Section Below).
Should the Inn car park be full please use the Memorial Hall Car Park which is just a few yards across the road.
If you prefer not to join a group then stay 2 metres apart and perhaps keep your helmet on. 
We will leave from the Brewery Inn just before 13.00 going to the Last Post Ceremony at the Brookwood Military Cemetery, A325, Dawney Hill, Pirbright, Woking, GU24 0JB. Members are most welcome to travel there direct by HD or by car if they so wish.

We will ride passed Peter’s family home at 29 Oakdene Close, Brockham, RH3 7JZ around 13.30 and then passed Robin’s home at 30 The Garstons, Great Bookham, Leatherhead KT23 3DS around 14.00. The Road Captains will be used as drop offs and back markers. 

Click this link to see the route in Google Maps:

We should all arrive at the Brookwood Cemetery by 2.30 where there are lots of service roads for parking line astern and parallel to the kerbs. There will be time for a look around some of the memorials if people so wish. The grass area in front of the RAF Memorial is huge and members are reminded the Law, at the time of writing, requires us to stay in our initial Social Distanced groups of 6 or less and not to mingle into other groups. 

L/Cpl James Hill of Redhill has been nominated as the “Individual Remembrance” for October. His parents Clair and Brian Hill will read the Exhortation “They shall not grow old……” and say a few sentences about James who called his Harley Davidson look alike motorcycle his “Hog” and hoped to get a Harley once he’d passed his riding test. James was aged just 23 when he was killed in Afghanistan on 8 October 2009 - so the service is very near the anniversary. 

Peter's, Robin's and James’s crash helmets will be placed in front of the RAF Memorial building's pillars before the service begins.

The service starts at 3.00pm and lasts about 30 minutes. There will be no hymns. Kirsti Agent will read the bikers’ blessing and Shannon Moorby will read the Kohima Epitaph "When you go home.....". 

During the 2 minutes silence members may lay their own memorial wreath, (poppies are only appropriate for someone of the armed services while greenery and flowers will be welcome for all others). A wreath to our thirteen finally departed SCUK members will be laid by Steve Whitmore.

After the service there may be the opportunity for refreshments on site at The Trench Experience, if C-19 restrictions allow!

Order of Last Post Ceremony 

Blessing by Kirsti Agent
Individual Remembrance - L/Cp James Hill
Exhortation - Claire 
& Brian Hill
Last Post 
2 Minutes silence and laying of wreaths

National Anthem 
Kohima Epitaph – Shannon Moorby
Reading of our departed members names - Steve Whitmore

The Dismissal

The Bikers’ Blessing

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon the roads behind you.
dim-witted drivers and until we meet again, 
may the blessing of 
your God go with you and those whom you love.
Now and always; Amen.’

The Exhortation

Exhortation is said on Remembrance Day after the Last Post is played, and leads into the Two Minute Silence. It is an extract from a poem by Robert Laurence Binyon called "For the Fallen", written in September 1914, just a few weeks after the outbreak of The War. The poem was first published in The Times newspaper on 21st September 1914.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old,
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning,
We will remember them.’

Response: ‘We will remember them.’


James on his 'HOG'
alongside his father and grandfather

Kohima Epitaph

The Kohima Epitaph is the epitaph carved on the Memorial of the 2nd British Division in the cemetery of Kohima (North-East India). The verse is attributed to John Maxwell Edmonds (1875-1958), and is thought to have been inspired by the epitaph written by Simonides to honour the Greeks who fell at the Battle of Thermopylae in 480BC.

'When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say,
For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today.'

Covid-19 Restrictions

We can now meet up in multiple groups of up to 6 people the groups staying at least 2 metres apart. Individuals may form a "group of 1" if they stay 2 metres apart from all others at all times.
Those within a group (but not in a bubble together) must still stay at least 1 metre apart outside or 2 metres apart indoors, (this can be reduced to 1 metre indoors by wearing a mask). 
Once a group is formed people must stay in the same group all day - and not mingle into other groups. 
When we ride behind a leader in a procession using drop offs etc we ride as individuals (or two up with a pillion) and are not restricted to 6 people.
Whenever we dismount at stops or the finish and form a group for social purposes this can only be with some of the people that were in the group in which we started.
The ride leader must keep a list of the participants names for 21 days, (just in case for NHS Test and Trace).