This Mid-Week Treat will set off from Jack's Cafe, 44 London Road, Bagshot, GU19 5HL leaving at 10.15 going to The Classic Motor Hub, Old Walls, Ablington, Bibury GL7 5NX. Jack's is open earlier if you want breakfast. Fill up with fuel at the M&S Petrol station next door before we set off. 

"The Classic Motor Hub is more than just a showroom, it’s a classic motorist’s dream destination in the heart of the Cotswolds selling the finest and most sought-after motor cars and motorcycles.

Based at the site of the historic RAF Bibury, The Classic Motor Hub has something for everyone in its five-acre site dedicated to classic motoring sales: events, classic cars & bikes, modern performance machines and all manner of automotive ephemera on offer".

It's about 75 miles via the M4 & A419 which at motorway speeds: and even with a quick second pick up at approx 11.15 at the M4 Chievely Services BP Garage at 11.15 (not the restaurant): shouldn't take more than 1 hour 45 minutes. NB: the final mile is up a bit of a country lane. There are comfort facilities and a cafe available at The Hub.

Afterwards perhaps join me on a non-motorway route to a refreshments and comfort stop on the A339 south of Newbury before dispersing for home.  

Please text me if you'd like to join this Covid-19 socially distancing compliant ride.


07 968 448 891